Obice masks

Cotton mask

Why choose cotton masks?

Filtering experiments demonstrate that the performance of close-woven cotton masks surpasses that of synthetic fabrics. This is because, at a microscopic level, synthetic fibres are relatively smooth, while cotton fibres have a three-dimensional structure, which most likely creates additional barriers to incoming and outgoing particles.

Obice masks are made from a high-density cotton with a high thread count (600 TPI), far surpassing moderate-density cottons (80 TPI) for small sized particles.

Polyester mask

Why choose polyester masks?

Polyester masks are more breathable and would suit people whose day involves exertion or those who prefer a more lightweight mask. This breathability makes it no less effective against COVID-19. Like the cotton masks, they also have three layers and a pouch for an additional filter.

They are COVID-19 approved by Centexbel (standard NBN/DTD S 65-001:2020).

COVID-19 approved

Obice masks were tested by Centexbel in Belgium. Thanks to this approval, our customers have the guarantee that our polyester face masks comply with the standards imposed by Belgian health authorities (standard NBN/DTD S 65-001:2020).

The main features of our fabric masks are :


805.0 l/sec/m2 (OBP series, in polyester)
76.2 l/sec/m2 (OBC series, in cotton)

Filtration efficiency

84% at 3 μm (OBP series, in polyester)

95 % at 3 μm (OBC series, in cotton)

3 protection layers

All studies have demonstrated that 3 layers of fabric offer better protection against coronavirus. They filter the dispersion of droplets in suspension in the air when we talk, cough or sneeze.

As such, all Obice masks, cotton and polyester, are made of 3 layers. We want the best for you.

Masks for children

Our masks for children combine the best of both worlds: one layer of cotton, another of polyester. Like adult masks, they have adjustment loops and fit all head sizes.

The masks are lightweight and comfortable and can be worn all day.


A correctly adjusted mask can be worn far more comfortably all day. The unique fixing system perfectly adjusts the Obice mask to your face shape.

The tension of the loops is based on a system as simple as it is ingenious. They never loosen, even after hours of wear!

And you don’t need to choose a size. The Obice mask adapts to all face shapes


Obice masks are available in a rainbow of individual colours, but you can also personalise any of the colours with a logo, a message or any other visual image.

The print is wash, friction and UV resistant.


The frequency at which you wash your mask is a key protection factor. We have created masks so tough you can wash them up to 30 times at 60°C.

Individual packaging

Each mask comes in a sealed plastic pouch with wearing and care instructions.

No need to wash the masks straight out of the pack. They are safe and can be worn immediately.